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Legal language can be written just for specialists. In business it is important that all parties involved are reading from the same ‘hymn sheet’. Our strength is tha

Our office is led by Kurdistan Daloye, a lawyer and business consultant with a Masters in International Law from London Metropolitan University as well as an MBA from the American University of Iraq. We specialise in General Iraqi Law, the body of law specifically relating to the Kurdistan Region and International Law, particularly British commercial law. We also offer legal translation .

We are committed to providing unrivalled service and sound legal advise based on a thorough assesment of the facts and its context.  We work with each client in their own language, be it Arabic, Kurdish or English. We strive to forge long-term relationships with our clients  based on trust and a thorough understanding of our clients' industries.

The law office of Kurdistan Daloye provides a wide range of legal and related advisory services, varying from commercial law to the rule of law. Human rights, recontruction, infrastructure, financial services, oil and gas and telecommunications are key areas. For a full list of our areas of practice please click here . We have extensive experience of Middle Eastern, particularly Iraqi, and Western Business culture. We can meet all our client’s legal requirements, be it solicitor and transactional work or litigation and dispute resolution. We can always rely on the full support of a wide network of experienced and specialised associates and colleagues

Kurdistan Daloye’s law officeis divided into two major areas:

 (1) Solicitor & Transactional Work and

 (2) Litigation & Dispute Resolution.


Legal Service


The law offices of Kurdistan Daloye has built an impeccable track record in litigation and disput

Business advisory

Our Business Advisory Services comprise a wide range of services, varying from a